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Caldera High School, Bend, Oregon commercial masonry by rasmussen masonry

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Our commercial services span from low-rise retaining walls to high-rise multi-story industrial buildings. Whether your commercial needs include split face block, thin brick, or partitions, no job is too small or too big for our company. With over 35+ years of experience, our team is well equipped to complete your commercial project on time and in a professional manner.

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Elixir Wine brick building commercial masonry by rasmussen masonry in Bend Oregon

Caldera High School, Bend, Oregon
Block Wall Construction
This 270,000 square foot build was comprised of exterior block walls, custom entryways, and accent stonework.

Crook County Public Safety Facility

Block Wall Construction
As a local country jail, this project required custom block work that needed to work around intricate electrical and plumbing construction.

Custom Stone Work with Block Wall Construction
This 42,000 square foot commercial project was a unique blend of industrial high efficient block work and artistic, natural stonework. 

Brick Construction
In order to match the needs of the business as a wine bar, the selection of this aged red brick was critical to showcase the match the look of timelessness.

Brick Construction
One of Central Oregon’s first, the unique arc of the 52,000 square foot Crane Shed Commons allows for full 270 degree view of the Deschutes River.

Stone Construction
The unique selection of stone work chosen for the Colorado Ave. shopping complex complements the next-door Market of Choice and surrounding natural landscape.

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As the population of Central Oregon continues to boom, we’ve learned that we need to continue preparing for the endless commercial demands. With our commercial projects, we have Hydro Mobile working platforms, power units, mixers, generators, and scaffolding so we are equipped to take on large-scale commercial projects. We understand that budget and scheduling and the most important so we take immense pride in ensuring we maintain consistent communication with our general contractors.

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