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Richard Rasmussen

Richard (Rich) Rasmussen is the Owner and President of Rasmussen Masonry. As a dedicated leader and experienced brick mason, Rich is a key member of the team that continues to move Rasmussen Masonry forward.

Rich Rasmussen block masonry

A Third-Generation Brick Mason With 35+ Years of Experience

Richard Rasmussen is a third-generation brick mason, starting with his beloved great-uncle who then taught Rich’s father everything there was to know about masonry work. As Rich grew up, he too became involved with masonry, joining the union right after high school. Rich began his masonry career in California, where he was born and raised.

Rich found that he really enjoyed creating new things with his own hands. The accomplishment of developing new buildings, stone facades and more from the ground up drove him forward. And after gaining experience, he moved to Oregon where we started his own business, Rasmussen Masonry, in 2002.

A Dedicated Leader Who’s Not Afraid of Getting His Hands Dirty

Now, Rich uses his breadth of experience and dedication to lead Rasmussen Masonry’s team of talented brick masons. His day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing company projects, estimating new builds and managing build projects.

But Rich isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty—he still completes a fair amount of the masonry work in each project. And he never backs down from a challenge. 

Rich has the ability to plan and deliver builds on any scale, from large schools to high-end fireplaces. Recently, Rich and his team completed the brickwork for Caldera High School in Bend, Oregon, a 270,000-square-foot build requiring 460,000 blocks.

As the Founder and now Owner and President of Rasmussen Masonry, Richard Rasmussen has built a culture of craftsmanship, safety and care within the business. Each residential or commercial project completed is done so with attention to detail and efficiency. In other words, Rasmussen Masonry gets the job done without sacrificing quality.

“It’s our goal to always do better than just putting things together.” 

—Rich Rasmussen

Rich is also dedicated to protecting the critical members of our team. As such, Rasmussen Masonry owns Hydro Mobile scaffolding, the most high-tech and safe scaffolding system available on the market. It’s his goal to ensure each brick mason returns to their family each night.

In his spare time, Rich enjoys doing pretty much anything outdoors, from mountain biking to fishing.

Rasmussen Masonry: Craftsmanship, Safety & Care

Rich Rasmussen with Grandkids

Reach Out to Rich At Any Time

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial masonry work, Richard Rasmussen and the team at Rasmussen Masonry can deliver. We’re dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality work, regardless of the size of the project. Feel free to reach out to Rich Rasmussen at any time by calling 541-420-9759 or send us a message.